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October 16, 2018 in business intelligence, workflow automation

How to Become a Data-Driven Organization

It’s not news to say with increasing frequency, businesses are working to leverage their data so that they can make better decisions, and to increase efficiency. Still, just saying that you’re looking to leverage that data…
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October 11, 2018 in Data Prep, Machine Learning

The ROI of Automated Data Prep and Cleanup

If you’re a Data Analyst or if you can ask one for confirmation, you may know that a Data Analyst spends as much as 70-80% of their time cleaning and prepping data before she can really…
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October 3, 2018 in workflow automation

Use Real-Time Data to Dynamically Trigger, Halt, or Adjust BPM Workflows

Business Process Management (BPM) is not exactly a new concept. After all, virtually any business has processes for how they complete tasks. From onboarding a new hire to how to check the creditworthiness of a customer,…
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September 26, 2018 in Cinchapi, data analytics

Data Analytics Features You Need In Your Toolbox – Part Two

Last week, we began looking at the types of tools and features that a Data Analyst needs in her toolbox. We continue with that this week. Like last time, this isn’t vendor specific, but rather we…
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September 17, 2018 in Cinchapi, data analytics

The Data Analytics Features You Need In Your Toolbox – Part One

When your team is reviewing how to best leverage enterprise data, it’s critical to give a hard look at the features and benefits of the tools in your toolbox. Are you comfortable that they are capable…
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September 10, 2018 in data analytics, Machine Learning

Analyzing Disparate and Siloed Data with Machine Learning

If you know much about the leading database providers, it’s likely that you know that one of the more immediate challenges facing any Data Analyst is to make sense of everything. It’s not just the typical…
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August 20, 2018 in Cinchapi, Natural Language Interface

How a Natural Language Interface Works to Explore Data

If you have ever tried to explore data using a query language, you likely found out that the process isn’t the most intuitive. SQL and similar query languages are a bit like solving a problem in…
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August 10, 2018 in Cinchapi, Machine Learning

Use Machine Learning to Free Your Data, and the Rest will Follow

If you remember the 1992 hit by En Vogue, called “Free your mind”, you might remember the hook.“Before you can read me you gotta learn how to see me, I said, Free your mind and the…
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July 23, 2018 in Jeff Nelson

Making it Easy to Work With Data: A SourceForge Q&A with Jeff Nelson

Cinchapi Founder and CEO, Jeff Nelson, sat down with Ion Mae of to talk about how the upcoming release of the Cinchapi data platform will enable organizations to harness the full potential of their data…
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July 13, 2018 in Cinchapi, Natural Language Interface

Why Use a Natural Language Interface to Explore Data?

Over the past few decades, we have seen enormous advances in technology. Since my childhood in the 1970s through the present, I have personally witnessed personal communication technology evolve from snail mail and phone calls on…
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June 28, 2018 in data analytics, SMB

Data Analytics for Small Businesses

These days it seems that everyone is talking about business data, and the need to use the data to uncover insights that can give an organization a competitive edge. It seems like a no-brainer to take…
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June 12, 2018 in data analytics, Data Warehousing

The Real Costs of Data Warehousing

Not all data storage is the same. While people like to talk about “Cloud Storage”, let’s be real. That’s a euphemism for internet-connected storage on remote servers. No matter how you store your data - in…
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May 21, 2018 in Concourse

Why Databases Not Named Concourse Suck (Volume I)

This morning, a developer asked me to elevate her permissions in a Mongo backed application. Since there’s no UI for user management (#startupproblems), I decided to just alter the _role field for her user document in the…
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May 20, 2018 in Cinchapi, Concourse

Lock & Roll in Councourse

A while back, I wrote a post about how Concourse uses just-in-time locking to provide high-performance transactions with the strongest guarantees. Now I’d like to explain the architecture of our locking system in greater detail. Concourse is not…
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