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Hot Warm and Cold Data
data analytics

The Real Costs of Data Warehousing

Not all data storage is the same. While people like to talk about “Cloud Storage”, let’s be real. That’s a euphemism for internet-connected storage on remote servers. No matter how you store your data - in…

Why Databases Not Named Concourse Suck (Volume I)

This post is part of an ongoing series of rants where I describe flaws in other databases and promote Concourse as a better alternative. Learn more about Concourse and contribute at This morning, a developer asked me to…
lock and roll

Lock & Roll in Councourse

A while back, I wrote a post about how Concourse uses just-in-time locking to provide high-performance transactions with the strongest guarantees. Now I’d like to explain the architecture of our locking system in greater detail. Concourse is not…
data prep and clean up

Radically Reduce Data Prep and Cleanup with Machine Learning

Of many tasks that Data Analysts have to perform, data preparation and cleanup is easily one of the biggest time-sucks. Seriously. Did you know that Data Analysts spend as much as 75-80% of their time finding,…
Index All The Things in Concourse
With a Natural Language Interface, Context Matters
Visualizing Data When You Don’t Know What’s In the Data
Natural Language Interface
Why Use a Natural Language Interface to Explore Data?

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March 28, 2018 in Cinchapi, IoT Data

How Can Your Business Leverage IoT Data?

In a January 2017 TechTarget article, Executive Editor Lauren Horwitz wrote that companies are struggling with working with and managing data generated from IoT (Internet of Things) devices. Ms. Horwitz writes, that “While verticals like manufacturing…
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March 20, 2018 in CAP Theorem, Concourse, Concurrency, Developers, Internals

Just in Time Locking with the Concourse Database

In theory, database transactions present a very simple interface to developers: group related operations together and they’ll be atomically committed if doing so is possible and doesn’t conflict with other changes. Otherwise, the transaction will fail…
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